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Beauty of Navratri in 30 secs.

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An Introduction to “Navratri”


Everyone knows that Navratri : Nine nights, basically a Hindu Festival. This festival is observed twice a year, Chaitry Navaratri and Aaso Navratri, among the two the most celebrated one is the Aaso Navaratri which happens in the beginning of winter. Going down the History of navratri, started with a battle between the almighty mother and  Rakshasa (Demon) named Mahishasur, which lasted for nine days. Gujarat, however, is that the solely state that erupts into a nine-night dance pageant, maybe the longest within the world.


During Navaratri, people entreat the energy aspect of God in the form of the macrocosmic mother, commonly referred to as ” Durga ,” peeling off of miseries of life. She is also referred to as “Devi” (goddess) or “Shakti” (energy or power). It is this energy, which avails God to proceed with the work of engenderment, preservation and eradication. People believe that God is motionless, absolutely immutable, and the Divine Mother Durga, does everything. Authentically verbalizing, our worship of Shakti re-corroborates the scientific theory that energy is imperishable. It cannot be engendered or ravaged.


So what exactly is Garba?


Garba is basically a dance performed by people worshipping Goddess.

The holy Garba happens in night and all areas of Gujarat, thus simply step outside and follow the booming garba music.  It happens as a small form of Sheri Garba and also occurs on a large scale in big party plots. The famous dance type called Garba Ras  or Dandiya Ras, comes from Lord Krishna’s worship instead of Goddess worship, with roots in culture of Saurashtra. Stories of relationships between avatar and therefore the Gopis, and their emotions, additionally usually build their method into the Ras Garba music.


Following are the various types of Garba:

  1.       Dodhiyu,
  2.       Popatiyu,
  3.       Ground bahar,
  4.       Hudo,
  5.       Prachin Aravachin
  6.       Hinch or Tran taali


Types of Raas:

  1.       Tran pada,
  2.       Kutchi,
  3.       Gupti / Talvar Raas,
  4.       Rajwadi,
  5.       Mishra,
  6.       Maniaro

The traditional dance steps are easy, although over the years folks are inventing additional advanced steps. Similarly, the music was historically acoustic, mainly composed of drums and singing, however the general public currently use amplified sound systems or a mix within the style of a live band with fashionable instruments like drums, piano, dhol, Ravana Hattho.


Various competitions are also held during garba nights, and awards in various categories are given like, Best Kid (individual awards in Performer, dress) garba dancer,  Best teenager (individual awards in Performer, dress) garba dancer, Best Prince and Princess (individual awards in Performer, dress) garba dancer, Maharaja and Maharani dancers (Above age 30), Best Couple or pair dancers, etc. Vadodara is taken into account the cultural capital of Gujarat, and therefore the most asked for location for celebrating Navratri. So there might be a question in your mind regarding the number of 9 nights. Here is the answer,


Navratri is primarily split into sets of 3 days to love totally different aspects of the supreme immortal. On the primary 3 days, the Mother is invoked as powerful force referred to as “Durga” so as to destroy all our impurities, vices and defects. Next 3 days, the Mother is loved as a giver of non secular wealth, “Lakshmi” , who is taken into account to own the facility of bestowing on her devotees the inexhaustible wealth. The ultimate set of 3 days is spent in worshiping the mother because the immortal of knowledge, “Saraswati”. So as have comprehensive success in life, we’d like the blessings of all 3 aspects of the divine mother; therefore, the worship for 9 nights.


Worshiping “Ma Durga” throughout the Navaratri bestows wealth, favourableness, prosperity, knowledge, and alternative potent powers to cross each hurdle of life. During Navratri nights, all from the village or urban neighborhood gathers and perform a puja to 1 of the 9 different Goddesses. Hence, everyday the Goddess to be worshipped changes.


What people do in Navratri?


‘Nakkoda fast’, the Gujarat navratri permits people to possess a vrat thaali with sabudhaana things. This type of fast is also done in Chaitra Navratri. Ladies usually hand over sure eatables throughout these nights, which might be quite an purifying expertise, if done right. It’s a time for even the foremost ancient and confined ladies to be out of the house and whirling, unreserved, towards the divinity that hides among her own body. During Navratri, some devotees of Hindu deity observe a quick and prayers are offered for the protection of health and property. From the 9 days of fast, people fasting on the eight and ninth day are very important, On aatham (eight day of Navratri) prasad of Rice, Ghee and saccharine is made. Also on this two days many Fairs (melas) are also seen.


After the end of 9th night of Garba, the next  day is celebrated as  Dashera, additionally called Vijayadashami in South Asian nation, is widely known by doing a puja to bless one’s vehicle, and is additionally the day to shop for new vehicles. Hence, all over India, the automobile industry comes up with various offers. It is additionally celebrated, in all probability once obtaining up so much later than usual, by unabashedly uptake scores of fafda, a yellow or deliciously cooked from chana no lot and jalebi, a sweetest food item of India


Religion and tradition aside, a garba circle will fight a stunning religious power. Several of the songs begin slow and bit by bit speed up, causing the dancers into a trance, particularly once the music and dance is in its rawest type. In short Garba is also called as the Sunburn of Gujarat or Tomorrowland of Gujarat.

Garba date in year 2015: 13th  Oct to 21st Oct

Garba date in year 2016: 1st Oct to 9th Oct

Garba date in year 2017: 21st Oct to 29th Oct


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