15 Types of Gujarati Friends we have


They say friends make life beautiful ane Gujaratiyo ni bhaibandhi ni toh vaat aj na thaay!!!

1) Babaaliyo

The one who loves to pick fights and dare people to hit him. He normally flaunts his physical strength
and threatens people to try and harm anyone from his group. However, that person will not stand for
the consequences he creates. 😛

The Gujju Gyan

2) Baaylo

A friend who fears possibly everything surrounding him and his life &  is totally averse to adventures,
risks or experiments. “Want to go for a trip?” “No!” “Want to ditch classes for a movie?” “Na be!”

The Gujju Gyan

3) Khaudro

The only thing running in this persons’ mind is Food! He knows all the city food addas by heart with a
list of dishes worth trying and the ones worth not. You have tried and tasted the specialities of every
local food bar and cafes, all thanks to this person.

The Gujju Gyan

4) Lavari karva valo friend

Possibly the strangest creature in your group, this person is completely unpredictable and tends to
shock you with her/his actions. Although admittedly, you look forward to meeting up with her/him most of the

The Gujju Gyan

5) Shaant Pani

Another category of unpredictable friends are the silent ones. The ones who are mostly quiet
throughout the group discussions and only participates when they are constantly nagged and poked.
Such friends are usually loved by all but then as the famous Gujarati proverb goes, “Shant pani undu hoy”.

The Gujju Gyan

6) Rakhdel

A friend who absolutely CANNOT stick around in his home. You’ll find him everywhere, mostly
bumping into him at a Kitli or a Coffee Shop, making plans for the next hour. He is usually
responsible for your high fuel expenses.

The Gujju Gyan

7) Loveriyo

This person is attached to someone and his presence is merely physical. Always the centre of drama,
the words “Babu” “Diku” and “Baby” ring in your ears long after he’s gone.

The Gujju Gyan

8) Lukkho/ Udhariyo

Known as the Udhariyo of the group, this friend owes every friend money and to top it, he is
shamelessly proud of it. He is also the very person who throws lavish parties when the money God is
shining on him.

The Gujju Gyan

9) Phukaniyo

If you are short on reasons to smoke, this is the guy to go to. “Aje pi lau, bau tension che”, “Bhanvanu
tension che”, “Paisa nu tension che”, “Aaje toh bau mast mood ma chu!”. The list never ends.
Everytime you think he has quit smoking, he’ll come up with a new reason to light a fag.

The Gujju Gyan

10) Comedian

The life of the party!!! She/He is fun, hilarious and can turn any situation into a laughter riot. Also one of the
popular kind who is always on the Invitees List.

The Gujju Gyan

11) Bali no bakro

….and the butt of all the Comedian’s jokes.

The Gujju Gyan

12) Schemer

Well, which group doesn’t have a ‘schemer’. A friend who has the strangest of schemes, mostly risky
and dangerous. But you never know when you get a great deal out of it. 😛

The Gujju Gyan

13) Rotadu

The cry baby. She/he can hardly take a news, good or bad and have tears rolling down their eyes faster
than a speeding bullet.

The Gujju Gyan

14) Dodh Dahyo

These people are gifted with smartness x 1.5. They have comments on every single thing. At times all
you want to say is “Ssshhh!!!”

The Gujju Gyan

15) Jhankaniyo

With an eyesight as sharp as an eagle’s, he knows where to look and what to find. The most alert
member of the group, this guy’s Jhanku Meter is always beeping.

The Gujju Gyan
We are sure you can relate to a lot of them !! Tag them 😛



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