After “KATKO” its Interstellar for GUJJUS

Check out this hilarious video on Reactions of Gujjus on the movie Interstellar:


Video by: The Comedy Factory

About The Comedy Factory: It was conceptualized by Manan Desai – its Co-Founder and Programming Director. They are in the business of manufacturing humor and churning out original content. Currently they perform in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat. There are currently 7 core members at The Comedy Factory.

  • Manan Desai
  • Preeti Das
  • Smit Pandya
  • Aariz Saiyed
  • Soham Dave
  • Vidya Desai
  • Ojas Rawal

One of their key highlights is Improv comedy. Improv comedy consists of acts that are decided on the spot and improvised.

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