5 ways in which PK is different from OMG



Aamir Khan Starrer “PK”, the much awaited film of 2014 has finally released. Right from controversial posters to rumours about jacked up ticket rates, this movie has created lot of buzz among movie goers. The latest one being, plot of “PK” is more or less similar to  Paresh Rawal/Akshay Kumar Starrer “OMG”.

The Gujju Gyan Team believes that “PK” has much more than that for genuine entertainment seeking movie fans………Following are the 5 ways in which PK is different from OMG..Check it out

  1. Alien Protagonist

The story is woven around a character who is an alien and has come to Earth for some research. This character embarks on a journey on which he encounters different human emotions, self interests and reactions. As a result he forms his own perspectives/approach to deal with situations and people, which is extremely refreshing, entertaining and thought provoking.

  1. More LOL moments

The attempts of an alien to blend in with the life on earth triggers a series of LOL moments viz. He steals clothes from “dancing cars” & misunderstands every photo of Mahatma Gandhi as a currency which can buy him things.

  1. Aamir’s Bhojpuri accent

To know how Aamir Khan being an alien learnt to speak Bhojpuri language, one will have to watch the film, but all that we can say is that usage of English words in Bhojpuri accent to communicate, explain and narrate is out rightly hilarious.

  1. Subtle sub-themes

There is no denying the fact that central theme of “PK” is Religion, God and God man, but there are many sub-themes that have been highlighted in a beautiful manner.

  • Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) and Sarfaraz (Shushant Singh) love story falling apart due to confusion and also by seeds sown by IndoPak hate game (b) Terrorism: Wherein the character of Bhaaya(Sanjay Dutt) is killed in a bomb blast(b) Unconditional & selfless love which PK (Aamir Khan) exhibits for Jaggu (d) Indian mentality about sex, humorously brought out through PK trying to find out the owner of packet of contraceptives found on the office floor.
  1. Songs & Star Power

Song “Chaar Kadam” having romantic lyrics is not just soothing to the ears but also worth watching for beautiful its picturisation, shot in Bruges, Belgium. “Bhaste of time” is another good song. Besides Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma in the lead, Sanjay Dutt, Boman Irani, Shushant Singh, Parikhshit Sahni and Saurabh Shukla add depth to the cast. And not to forget that movie ends with a cameo by Ranbir Kapoor as another alien visiting Earth……………..Does that hint to a sequel???

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