Top 10 Bargaining Tricks in Gujarat


Bargaining is a skill that Gujaratis are expert at. Here are some bargaining tricks that Gujaratis use while shopping.

Its a step by step process and it all starts with : Aa kem aapyu ( This term is used mainly while shopping Vegetables, and even we are not able to figure out the logic behind this sentence. )..and then goes like this:


1) Aa Badhi to old fashioned che, aama bija color ane navi varieties batavo ne..

Gujarati clothes - The Gujju Gyan

2) Aa to junu lage che, Fresh Piece batavo!

Fresh gujarati - The Gujju Gyan

3) Ne ama guarantee malse ne?? bagdelu nikdyu to, ketla divas ma badli aapso aane?

Gujarati dialogue - The Gujju Gyan

4) Aam to fine che pan, Majaa Nathi aavti ama..

Gujarati dialogue - The Gujju Gyan

5) Ek karta vadhare laiye to discount to aapso j ne tame.

Gujarati discount - The Gujju Gyan

6) Ketla Kidha ana? ( Asking as if the shopkeeper will decrease the price )

Ketla kidha gujju dialogue - The Gujju Gyan

7) Su kaka, odakhta nathi, dar vakhate to tamari pase thi laiye..

Odakhta nathi Gujarati dialogue

8) Su?? aatlu monghu?? hotu hase kai… Naa Hoi ( 1000 Rs!!! And we act as if that thing is worth 10 Rs. )

Aatlu monghu Gujarati dialogue - The Gujju Gyan

9) Chalo final bhav kahi do, nahi to jau! ( Gami to gayu che but, bhaav to khavo pade ne )

Final rate gujju bargain - The Gujju Gyan

10) Lo aatla, samji ne khatam karo.. ( Final Call )

Gujarati dialogue

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