7 Inspirational Facts about Dhirubhai Ambani every Gujju must know


Date: 28th December, 1932

Place: Chorwad, Gujarat.

A child was born, who grew up and took the corporate India by storm, literally breaking the shackles and rewriting the rules of conducting the business. Yes Friends, we are talking about none other than “Dhirubhai Ambani” whose life story & achievements are nothing short of a blockbuster movie. Today on his birth anniversary , the Gujju Gyan team pays homage to this Genius Entrepreneur who made the Gujarati community proud.

Let us have a look at some of the inspirational facts about Dhirubhai Ambani which made him the most unforgettable and most adored business tycoon India has ever seen.

1) “Rags to Riches” or shall we say “From selling bhajias to Fortune 500”

The entrepreneurial trait in Dhirubhai was visible right from early age when he spent his weekends by selling “Bhajias” to pilgrims visiting Mount Girnar. With such a modest beginning nobody would have ever dreamt that one day the same guy would create a business empire which will procure a place in Fortune 500 list.

Dhirubhai - The Gujju Gyan


2) “Chappan (56) ni Chaati, “Guts & Glory”

The sagacious entrepreneurial journey of Dhirubhai was not a cake walk. Time and again he faced obstacles in the form of license raj, government inquiries, media criticism and business competition. But Dhirubhai had an uncanny knack to navigate through these problems. Even a stroke in 1986 which paralysed his right hand, did not deter him from moving ahead and creating history.

Dhirubhai risk taker - The Gujju Gyan


3) Competition Na Supda Saaf – “Being the Best”

Dhirubhai is known for giving his competitors run for money. Many have even accused him of being ruthless in killing the competition, but the fact remains that he believed in being the best in whatever goods/services he provided.  Best in terms of quality as well as best in terms of pricing.

Dhirubhai competition - The Gujju Gyan


4) Peoples man

Dhirubhai said “we bet on people”, which itself testifies that he considered human capital, relationships & trust as foundations of growth. It was Dhirubhai’s charismatic personality which won him loyal followers, investors and supporters. The success of Reliance’s IPO in 1977 can be attributed to Dhirubhai’s people skills, where in total 58000 investors subscribed including many small investors who were investing in shares for the first time. This made Reliance a household name in India.

Dhirubhai people's man - The Gujju Gyan


5) “Go Big or Go Home”

Dhirubhai was born in a family which was not very strong in financial terms. Yet it was his ability to dream big which made him successful. In fact he was the one who kindled the spirit of thinking big amongst Indian masses. He challenged the elites and privileged people by highlighting that “ideas are no one’s monopoly”.

Dhirubhai monopoly - The Gujju Gyan


6) Bhanya nahi pan Ganya – Finance na Jaadugar

To support his family, Dhirubhai could not continue his studies beyond matriculation, but his ability to recognize and grasp business  opportunities was simply impeccable. His methodology was  to gather as much information as possible, understand all the nuances of various business functions and beating the deadlines to achieve targets. Although he did not hold any Finance/Business management degree, he was smart enough to harness the power of capital markets by coming up with an IPO for Relaince in 1977 and in 1992 Reliance became the first Indian company to raise money from Global markets.

Dhirubhai education - The Gujju Gyan


7) Indian Entrepreneur of the 20th Century Award

The world never fails to notice and immortalize such luminaries like Dhirubhai Ambani. Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) has named him “Indian Entrepreneur of the 20th Century”. Besides, many books have been written on Dhirubhai Ambani’s life which offer nuggets of wisdom and insights into his brilliant mind. A Hindi movie “Guru” is inspired from his life story.

Dhirubhai visionary - The Gujju Gyan

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