How people say “WHERE ARE YOU” in Gujarat?


Ever wondered what our friends from various geographical areas of Gujarat say some sentences in Various Gujarati Dialects?? It is always fun to mimic our friends on how they say some local Gujarati words.  😀

Here is a small representation to it.

1. Ahmedabad: Kai Che?

Baka, kai che la??? aa vastrapur betho chu, jaldi aai ne bhai. Ahmedabad kai che


2. Mehsana: Cho se?

Choikan he lya?? hed tare galle aaija. Mahesana cho se


3. Kathiyawad: Kya Cho?

Kya Cho? Ela jaldi aao. Kathiyawad kya cho


4. Anand: Kya Chu?

(Asking or Telling?? :P) Tu Kya chu Bhailu? Mota bajar Poch. Anand vallabh vidhyanagar kya chu


5: Vadodara: Kya Che?

Here they speak pure Gujarati language, but sometimes “Laa” and “Vee” is used by Gujju youths..  Sachhe laa,,, Naa Hoi laaa Veee Kya che laaaa?? chal Sev usad khava… baroda kya che


6: Valsad: Kaa Se?? or Kaa Che?? (Similar to Surat).

Kaa Se is used mostly in rural areas of Valsad. Chalni Bhai Tithal Javana…   Gher ni Agadi ubho reje, Me leva avto che…. 😀 Valsad kaa se


7: Surat: Kaa Che? 

Kaa che ##$3$##, Tari Maa ne jaldi aavni,,,  (No need to write any further :P) Surat kaa che

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