Reasons that prove Gujaratis need no New Year Resolution


gujju new year

1. Others: I will follow a strict diet, get fit to lead a happy life
Gujju: You are happy when you do things that make you happy. Food makes us happy. We will eat to our heart’s content.



2. Others: I will control my expenses, start saving!
Gujju: kharcha ochha karva thi paisa na vadhe. Paisa etla kamaao ke badha j kharcha kari shakaay.
We don’t believe on cutting off expenses to save money, we believe in working hard to earn enough to meet all our expenses n still save.

3. Others: I’ll read a new book every month/week.
Gujju: life teaches us better lessons than any book ever can. We don’t “learn n live life”. We “live life n learn”.

4. Others: Make new friends.
Gujju: We already have enough friends or we have less but very close friends.

5. Others: We will respect and treat women/elders/children with dignity.
Gujju: Aena maate new year resolutions ni raah na jovaani hoy. Ae to aapde nana hata tyaar thi j kariye chhiye.

6. Others: I’ll be organised and keep things in order.
Gujju: “In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder there is a secret order”
-Carl Jung

7. Others: I’ll learn a new language.
Gujju: Expression of feelings is not dependent on words. We can talk to a Chinese in Gujarati and understand his Mandarin reply.

Gujju new year resolution

8. Others: I’ll get up early.
Gujju: What others do in 16-18 hours, we can do in 12-14 hours. We do not need to sacrifice our sleep to be productive.

9. Others: I’ll control my anger.
Gujju: If someone made me angry, they deserve to know it n face the fury. I will express it and won’t hold grudges and lose my peace of mind.

10. Others: Worry less.
Gujju: Khaao, peeo ane jalsa karo” lifestyle ma “worry” maate jagya j nathi.

11. Others: I’ll donate/volunteer to some cause.
Gujju: I’ve been doing that since the time I can remember.

12. Others: I’ll find a new/better job.
Gujju: Gujaratiyo business kare, nokri nai!!

13. Others: Become a better person!
Gujju:  Do we need to Change??? Its impossible to improve perfection. We are perfect in our own ways.


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