Uttarayan preparation in a Gujju way


Uttarayan is approaching!! We all are too excited for the festival of kites, music and fun!!Let us help you with the preparations for Uttarayan.


Here’s a list of things we do while preparing for Uttarayan:

1. Band aids: Safety first guys. We don’t deny that we have so much fun on terraces but its better you avoid those wounds that will make you scream when you eat spicy food with your fingers 🙂

gujju uttarayan band aid

2. Gundar patti: Morning to lunchtime, fly new kites. After lunch, repair torn kites and fly them. That’s when you need those tiny gundar pattis.

gujju uttarayan gundar patti

3. Caps: You can’t survive an entire day on terrace without caps. An essential requirement for Uttarayan celebration.

gujju uttarayan sun

4. Goggles: There are two types of people. (a) Screw eyes protection, I need goggles to look cool. (b) Screw looking cool, I need to protect my eyes. In both cases you need goggles. That’s how important they are.

gujju uttarayan goggles

5. Pipudi/Bhungda, Steel plate and spoon: Cutting other’s kites is nothing if you can’t show it off with rising decibel levels and tease them by making noise with Pipudi and steel plates and spoon! Its our version of bugle call of victory.

gujju uttarayn whistle

6. Nava patang/kinnya bandhela patang: Choose between comfortable shopping & spending a few extra bucks and shopping in congested narrow streets & saving money. If u fail to plan this, ur Uttarayan celebration are doomed.

gujju Uttarayan kites

7. Dori pivdaavani: Those strong believers of “Pivdaaveli dori” have to plan their schedule so that they can prepare their threads for the day. Its tougher than simply buying readymade threads, but its all worth the efforts!! 🙂

Uttarayan - Kite Festival thread

8. Daaru n biting: The! Most! Important!!
Uttarayan na divase bottle na bhaav double thai jaay!! Arrange bottles a few days earlier and save a lot of money!
(Warning: You will have to control yourself and resist the urge to drink it till the day finally arrives!)

Gujarat alcohol party

9. Rented speakers: Getting speakers on rent during Uttarayan days is no easy task!! And Uttarayan without speakers is not Uttarayan!! Get’em ASAP!!

gujju uttarayan speakers

10. Mamra na laadu, chikki, sherdi, bor: We are not involved directly in this preparation, but we have to be on our toes to answer Mom’s call “betaaaa, Jaa to, bajaar ma thi god/tal/sheeng leto aay to!

gujju uttarayan dish mamra na ladoo

11. Safety while riding a two wheeler: Uttarayan unfortunately also sees a rise in road accident due to threads. We add an extra accessory to our two wheeler during this time. A rod to prevent the thread getting onto our face and neck. This one is necessary!

gujju bike kite thread protection

12. Gathering music from all friends: We all have collection of music but nothing is enough for Uttarayan. We call our friends and say “yaar, saara English songs hoy to aapje ne” “Hindi songs na remix versions hoy to aap ne” “dance karva laayak garba k Punjabi songs joiye chhe. Taari jode chhe?

gujju uttarayan music

13: Cleaning the terrace: The only day in our life when we are actually motivated to clean up! We begin our Operation Swaccha Dhaaba, clean 5-6 sq. ft. and give up. Then we call our young siblings and cousins and ask them “Jo tu aaje aa dhaabo/dhaabu saaf karvama mane help karis ne to hu kaale tane patang chagaavi aapis” they agree n try but fail.

Finally comes up the Jhansi ki Rani of our family, MOM!!! She cleans up, arranges everything and keeps terrace ready for us n our friends to have fun filled celebration 😀

gujju terrace sleaning during uttarayan

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