Types of People during Uttarayan


We differentiate between types of people based on different basis.

Uttarayan is one of those. We see different types of people based on their behaviour during Uttarayan.



1: On the basis of Kite flying expertise,

2 gujarat uttarayan how to fly a kite


2: On basis of Selection of Manja in Uttarayan,

4 gujarat uttarayan kite thread

3: Type of Girls in Uttarayan,

6 gujarat uttarayan girls with kites


4: On basis of “Pench Karvani Style” 😛

7 gujarat uttarayan kite flying style


5: On basis of “Seriousness in Uttarayan”,

5 gujarat uttarayan morning

6: On basis of Type of Kites they Get,

1 gujarati uttarayan kinnya kites

7: On basis of what they do during Uttarayan

8 gujarat Uttarayan kids flying kite


8: On what of What they do when there is no Wind,

9 gujarat Uttarayan no wind

9: On basis of “Daaru”, 😀

3 gujarati uttarayan enjoy


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