Two kinds of Gujjus in this world


There are two kinds of Gujjus in this world!

1. Well, we all Gujjus are united on the political front.

namo gujju



2.Falguni Pathak vs Devang Patel – Whom do you like to listen?

gujju falguni pathak


3. Mango season is out but what do you crave for – Doodh Keri or Aamras?

gujju faludo


4. What makes your Taste buds excited? Khaman k pachi Dhokla??

gujju khaman


5. What do you love more – Dandiya ke Garba?

gujju garba


6. So what do you prefer for breakfast? Cha ane khakra ke fafda jalebi?

gujju fafda


7. Tame su karo cho? Pappa nu bijness ke pota no dhando?

gujju bijness


8. Game etle mota thaiye but rahisu to “Baba” ane “Baby” 😛

gujju babo


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