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The Comedy Factory Team consists of Ex-Radio Jockeys, Full Time Mother, Musician, Professor, Theatre artist, Game Designer and NRI who have come together to ensure that madness and insanity prevails everywhere. They are in the business of manufacturing humor and churning out original content.

Gujju Take about The Avengers as presented by Manan & His Inner Troll/Alter Ego.

SPOILER ALERT!! Watch only if you’ve watched the movie.

Directed by: Manan Desai
Direction & Production team: Black Ace Studio & Aariz Saiyed
On Set Sound: Aariz Saiyed
Director of Photography: Satyajit Hajarnis
Written by: Manan Desai
Additional Inputs: Chirayu Mistry
Editing, Packaging & Background Score: Manan Desai

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