How we say it! Gujju Pronunciation Alert!


We don’t judge people by their accent, or how they word things, or how grammatically correct their speech is. Some of the smartest men in the world couldn’t spell. We judge a person by their character. It is funny and sweet how the shift of a single letter can change the entire meaning of a sentence in Gujarati.

We bet you definitely heard our relatives saying these Gujju words,

1. Aryabhata would have filed a case against it,

Gujju Zero

2. Animals live in,

Gujju Zoo

3. English na Tusan classes jau chu hu ! 😛

gujju Tuition

4. “Mummy ! maro Tooval kya che??”

gujju Towel

5. Jaldi Utar, aapdu tason avi gayu!

Gujju Station

6. Man Manas!!

gujju Main

7. Hoffis ma bethu chu.. pachi phone karu,

gujju Office

8. Rakhadvano Pogram banavo kaik,

gujju Program

9. Bijness ma Riks to levoj pade ne,

gujju Risk

10. Tara maate Pecial vastu laavyo hu!

gujju Special

11. Mara friendo saav Nakama!

gujju Friend

12. Fantastic Phor joyu te?

gujju Four

13. We Gujjus go FASUMFASS,

gujju Fast

14.  Phan chalu kar doba,

gujju Fan

14. Mari Gaadi no Diver kya gayo?

gujju Driver

15. its BARAS!!

gujju Brush

16. Gotala banavya baaki

gujju Bicep

17. I am Byatman

gujju Batman

18. Alaraam muk

gujju Alarm

19. Mara Shooz kya che?

gujju Ahoes

Not sure what qualifies as an ‘Indian’ pronunciation but as far as someone not able to speak up an english word properly will crack you up, just think of the word when they pronounce hard disks ! 😀

P.S. We are not making fun of someone unable to pronounce a word properly!

Thank you Jeet Patel for sharing your graphics with us. (


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