Gujju Brand Puns


Ever noticed how often we use big brands in our Gujarati language?

After going through this post you will realise that many brands stole our Gujju words.

Here is list of 10 brands created by Nimesh Tadvi, used wisely for Gujju Puns !

1. Acer in Gujju,

acer gujju

“Acer karta pela Madam sara”

2. Dell in Gujju,

dell gujju

“Hu kevi lagu? ChuDell jevi”  😛

3. Parle in Gujju,

parle gujju

“Dude, battery about to die, jaldi jaldi 2-4 photo Parle”

4. Gionee in Gujju,

gionee gujju

“Gionee ne Jivva do”

5. Karbonn in Gujju,

karbon gujju

“Hello, Pappa! aapdi Karbonn padi gayi rasta ma”

6. Nissan in Gujju,


nissan gujju

“Mara dil ma thi taru naam o Nissan kadhi nakhis”

7. Rolex & Rado in Gujju,

rolex rado gujju

“Ghadyal hoi to Rolex jevi, Raado to mummy roj pade che”

8. Lava in Gujju,

lava gujju

“Mane kaLA-VAla pasand nathi ”

9. Monte Carlo in Gujju,

monte carlo gujju

“Monte Carlo, mari marji, gu je car lau te, tare su” !

10. Coke in Gujju,

coke gujju

“Coke di jaisu, Jammu- Kashmir farva maate”!

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