how we say it ! Gujju Pronunciation Alert Part 2


We don’t judge people by their accent, or how they word things, or how grammatically correct their speech is. Some of the smartest men in the world couldn’t spell. We judge a person by their character. It is funny and sweet how the shift of a single letter can change the entire meaning of a sentence in Gujarati.

We Gujaratis are known for our sweet voice and sweet words we use. Here is the second compilation of such hilarious Gujju Words we often come across,

1: For us it’s “FAYEEEEN” – “Pelu ketlu Fayeen lage che”

8 fine gujju

2. For we Gujjus it’s “SOS” – “KAKA, thodo SOS nakhjo”

7 sauce gujju

3. For we Gujjus it’s “Baaul”, “Baaul ma dudh aap”

1 bowl gujju

4. For we Gujjus its not WhatsApp it’s WhatsUp, “Alya tu WhatsUp use nai karto” ?

2 whatsapp gujju

5. Universal word “BAE” for your partner is derived from Gujju word “BAE-NPANI”

3 benpani gujju

6. For us its always Bu-Shat, not Shirt.

6 shirt gujju

7. For we Gujjus it’s PHOTAA and not Photos,

5 photos gujju

8. We Gujjus don’t go Fast we go “FASUM – FAAS”

4 fast gujju

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