Ghelsappas – Episode 2 | First Gujarati Web Series !


Uncle Ben from Spiderman: “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”.

Ghelsappas Episode 2: “With every Beautiful Girl in a Story, there has to be a Villian”.

The Ghelsappas are back, back with a Bang ! & this time there’s a Beautiful Girl in the episode & we know Ghelsappas will definetely fall for her.  Check out below,

Every actor in the story has done very well and with brilliant direction we get carried away till the end without getting bored.

Episode 2 Features:

Dhwani Bhatt

Om Bhatt

Aditya Pandya

Mandar Vyas

Tirth Kharod

Kaushil Shah

Directed by: Amar Gandhi

Written by: Amar Gandhi & Om Bhatt

Produced by: Amar Gandhi, Om Bhatt & Prashant Goswami



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