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Most Potent Game Changer in Gujarati Film Industry.

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Gujarati Film Industry is considered to be the most complex one throughout the Nation. The major reason is the bifurcation of the audience in State, which divided our film industry into – Rural Gujarati Film Industry & Urban Gujarati Film Industry, which recently came into existence.

Rural Gujarati films have never been to multiplexes, after 2010 there were some directors who dared to draw films out of single screen village cinema halls to multiplexes and there lies the inception of Urban Gujarati Films.

‘Better Half’, directed by Ashish Kakkad is considered the first Urban Gujarati film. Later on many directors came to try their hands with films like ‘Kevi Rite Jaish’, ‘Whisky is Risky’, ‘Happy Family Pvt. Ltd.’ & the list goes on. Some of them did well, some were highly admired, while some failed miserable, the reason being again the division of Gujarati audience. It was then considered that Rural Gujarati Films did better and has more ROI compared to Urban Gujarati films.

The major hurdle of Gujarati films is the Gujarati audience that widely accepts Bollywood and Hollywood films. Such acceptance of other language films by audience is negligible in any other Regional Film industry like Marathi film Industry & also in South India thereby people are loyal to their Mother tongue, which leads to success of regional films of other States.

Till now many efforts have been made to merge the divided Industry but everyone failed. People claimed that this would never ever happen, but maybe, just maybe, we’re wrong. With this new film Gujjubhai The Great, it’s time for appraisal.

Gujjubhai The Great” offering ‘Siddharth Randeria’ as Hasubhai, who is best known for his Gujarati comedy plays for which he has won multiple awards as a writer, director and actor.

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Gujjubhai film directed by ‘Ishaan Randeria’ also features ‘Jimmit Trivedi’ as Bakul Buch, well known character nicknamed ‘Goti’ in Bhool Bhulaiyya with Akshay Kumar, he got the much needed arc lights and that’s enough to introduce Jimit Trivedi.

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Female actors include ‘Swati Shah’ as Pramila, Saath Nibhana Saathiya Fame, ‘Alekh Sangal’ as Montu and ‘Dipna Patel’ as Tanisha, the cheery Vadodara girl & winner of the Femina Style Diva contest 2012. Movie also features Sunil Vishrani, Khatera Hakimi and Dharmesh Vyas.

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So now let’s begin with the trailer, this will be three minutes of pure fun,

Major breakthrough: Gujjubhai trailer got more than 2.5lakh views in less than a week.

Music in the film seems very promising, after watching the trailer you are surely waiting for the music release.

We can listen to some awesome gujju lines like “Madona Maninagar ni………, Lage che sadi ma jane Kidi che fasani” , “Gujjubhai Jhule che, bhaan baan Bhule che..” & famous Gujju poem “Ek biladi jaadi, ene peri saadi”. 


From the first scene we can tell that this is definitely a film which every Amdavadi can relate to. The trailer opens with some beautiful Amdavadi hot spots like Riverfront & Ellisbridge.

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Apart from top actors, strong script & high production value, the Gujjubhai film is also packaged with some superb dialogues.

Gujjubhai Dialogue 1:


Gujjubhai Dialogue 2:

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Actual plot of movie is similar to the famous show “Gujjubhai a Gaam Gajavyu” where Gujjubhai seems to be entangled in various problems but needless to say, the movie probably has a happy ending and its fairly obvious that this will be the Best Gujarati movie ever made.

Gujjubhai the great releases on 18th September, Yaad raakhjo ane Lakhi raakhjo.

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