Chello Divas Movie ! EPIC GUJJU Dialogues


So, here is CHELLO DIVAS entering the league of Successful Urban Gujarati Films. What is the reason??

Basically it has set an example that even if a movie does not follow the basic “Filmmaking rule: THE HERO’S JOURNEY”, It could be successful in the Gujarati Film Industry !

How? By simply, understanding the audience & choosing the language the audience is familiar with, Gujarati of course, but whats new?? THE DIALOGUES! Yes, the Films follows the day to day dialogues of every 8 out of 10 Gujarati youths.

Malhar Thakar, who plays Vicky in the film has been lauded for his comic timing and intriguing on-screen presence. It would be wrong of us if we forget to mention Mitra Gadhavi (Loy), Yash Soni (Nikhil / Niks), Aarjav Trivedi (Dhulo), Mayur Chauhan (Naresh) here. After ignoring all the minor errors in the script, the film is a sure-shot hit already and Super awesome Typical gujarati Dialogues is one of the major reasons.

Here’s the list of most famous Chello Divas Movie Dialogues:

Chello Divas Movie Dialogue 1:

“Khotu Laagyu Hoi to Atthe maare”

Chello divas dialogue 1

Chello Divas Movie Dialogue 2:

“Coffee kem Mangavi”

Chello divas dialogue 2

Chello Divas Movie Dialogue 3:

“Amo ne Tamo tarafthi aava vakya vachanoni apeksha noti”

Chello divas dialogue 3

Chello Divas Movie Dialogue 4:

“Tu mane malva kem naa aavyo”

Chello divas dialogue 4

Chello Divas Movie Dialogue 5:

“Ek shot maarva de ne”, “Ja tara baira ne jai ne ke”

Chello divas dialogue 5

Chello Divas Movie Dialogue 6:

“Ame amari Nisha ne bhanva maate kyarey daban nathi karyu”, “Haa joyi che ame taare zameen par”

Chello divas dialogue 6

Chello Divas Movie Dialogue 7:

“Tara bapa ne tel banavani factory che?, ‘Indian’ k ‘Japani’? “

Chello divas dialogue 7

Chello Divas Movie Dialogue 8:

“Hu Nano nathi ! Mane badhi khabar pade che”

Chello divas dialogue 8

Chello Divas Movie Dialogue 9:

“Chaddi ma rey… Tu ena layak nathi” !

Chello divas dialogue 9

Chello Divas Movie Dialogue 10:

“Chambu, Chaman, Lakhota, Murkha, Taro baap bolu, saffa taro baap”

Chello divas dialogue 10

Chello Divas Movie Dialogue 11:

“Hu kevi laagu chu?, Govinda Jevi”

Chello divas dialogue 11

Chello Divas Movie Dialogue 12: Here’s one of the most awesome dialogue 😛

“Khabar nai padti lya? te anu bhodu fod nakhyu”

Chello divas dialogue 12

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