11 Irreplaceable Joys of Growing up in Ahmedabad


Irreplaceable Joys of Growing Up in Ahmedabad

1. Remember those countless visits to Old City Market?

Old city ahmedabad

Pic Credits: Raveesh Vyas

 2 .Where, of course, we would invariably end up buying books from this place –Gandhi Bridge

gandhi bridge ahmedabad books

Pic Credits: Rakesh Chaki

3. When Lunch and dinner was all about Bhukkad gali & Manek Chowk.

 manek chowk

Pic Credits: Jigisha Gajjar

bhukkad gali ahmedabad

Pic Credits: CityShor

4.Remember waking up on a rainy morning to an unexpected school holiday, all because of the crazy waterlogging? Still we managed to have Bhajiya, Gota and Maggi!

 ahmedabad rains

Pic Credits:Viren Gorvadiya

Ellisbridge ahmedabad

maggi bhajiya

Pic Credits: Food Kulture

cept bhukkad gali ahmedabad maggi

5.And all those “school trips” to Science city and Thol Lake?

 science city ahmedabad

Pic Credits: Akshat Patel

thol lake ahmedabad

6.And Sunday breakfast was all about IIM Road, Vastrapur Lake.

 IIM FOOD ahmedabad

7. Family Outing at Kankaria Lake and River Front.

 ahmedabad kankaria lake 2

Pic Credits: Ravikanth Kurma

riverfront ahmedabad

Pic Credits: Vrajesh Jani

8.Shopping at Law Garden

Law garden ahmedabad shopping

9.Feeling proud of:


ahmedabad pol

Gandhi Ashram

10. Can you ever Forget this?

uttarayan nights ahmedabad

Pic Credits: Bhavishya Gohel

11.The place to chill was S.G. Highway & Beautiful City lights is our Night Life

 SG HIGHWAY ahmedabad

Pic Credits: Amit Panchal

IIM A Over bridge

Pic Credits: Mayur J

And we grew up knowing that there is no place like Ahmedabad, and there will never be.

ahmedabad kankaria lake

Pic Credits: Ravikanth Kurma

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