What if your favorite band goes Gujju! Guess the Names!


We tried imagining what our favorite bands would be called if they had Gujju names and the results are so epic, you’ll find yourself asking the question: WHY?

“Aa garmi na traas na lidhe” !

So without much logical intervention, here are our favorite bands imagined with Gujarati names. Let’s see how many of them are you able to recognize with their Gujju names.

  1. Oh my God we are back again! 😛

1 backstreet boys


2. They love November Rain !

2 guns and roses


3. Parrot, Parrot.. Parrot Dies 😛

3 cold play


4. Welcome to Hotel Subhanpura!

4 eagles


5. Nothing else matters – In Gujju –“Mai Gayu”

5 Metallica


6. Californication / Kalupur Station! 😛

6 red hot chilli peppers


7. We’ re extremely sorry for this !

7 beatles


8. Don’cha wish your band was hot like this?

8 pussy cat dolls


9. Chokariyo pagal jena pachad !

9 one direction


10. Here we Paint it Black!

10 rolling stones


11. Faint!

11 linkin park


12. I aint’ happy, i m feeling Glad!

12 gorillaz

13. 21 guns!

13 green day

Please don’t kill us now 😛

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