8 Ways to Survive Summer in Gujarat


This post shows you howto survive the season of scorch.

1. Drink chaas (Great tool against Dehydration)

1 chaas

2. Sherdi no ras (Potent Energy Booster)

2 sugarcaine juice gujarat

3. Eat mangoes from Kutch and Valsad

3 mangoes gujarat

4. Bapore daal bhaat khai ne sui javanu

4 dal bhat gujarat

5. Wear cool clothers and plan a trip to awesome places in Gujarat

5 travel gujarat

6. “Avoid Window Seats while travelling”

6. avoid window seat gujarat

7. Sanje bhaibandho jode rakhadvanu

7 sanje bhaibandho jode rakhadvanu

8. If nothing works plan a trip to Diu/ Daman or Rajasthan border kingfisher bar

8 diu daman beer gujarat

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