100 Points that Makes us a Real Gujju


1. Gujju conversations begins with kem 6, maja ma ne? kevu chale Tabiyat Paani? 😛

2. We all have a relative who tells us his contact number as “chaar so tentris ogan sahith navaanu” -4335999

3. Every autowala, taxiwala, grocerywala is our kaka like Rickshaw wada kaka, kariyana wada kaka, and when we are fed up with them we say “Pelo rickshaw wado KAKO

4. The first rule of money – never use your own!

5. when we text, “6” means “che”. E.g. kem 6? Su kare 6? Iphone 6, na nathi 😛

6.  If whatsapp was founded in Gujarat, it would have been “Su navi juni App”  At present it is called as “Whatsup” by many of us.

7. “Ararararara….” “Alyaaaa…laaaa” is our favorite terms.

8. We keep “ELARAM”  to wake up  in Morning.

9. No party is over without a round of GARBA. And no garba is over without “bhai bhai” song.

10. Baraf ke Gole nai ame to “BARAF NA GODA” khaiye, Goda sounds  so relieving in summer.

11. Baka koi pan noodles banavo, we will tell them “Meggi” only.

12. When someone asks about a person, we say BEY SU GENTLEMAN MANAS Che!

13. “Shaanti Rakh” is what we say when we are fed up.

14. Singular “PHOTO”, Plural “PHOTAA

15. Any shop or Mole (Mall), Bargaining to karvuj pade.

16. We are talented to speak any language of the world in Gujarati, Kathiyawadis are the best in it!

17.FILLINGS to amaraj khali!!!

18. Every gujju phone call ends with Jai Shri Krishan,  Ha saru Aavjo or ha chokkas.

19. People call it Affair, we call it “Lafdu”.

20. All are siblings are “Jabri & Jabro” for us.

21. A gujju would have business on his mind from the time he turns 18 – bahu badha paisa kamavana 6..( che ).

22. If we don’t know how to swim we do chhabchhabiya.

23. For us electricity never goes – only light does.. “AA LIGHT GAYI

24. We don’t call people, we COL them.

25. If we get irritated by someone, we say “TEL PEEVA JA”.

26. Chaas is our beer!

27. We are everywhere, all over the globe – deal with it…

28. We go to movie HOLE and take outside SNAKES for refreshments.

29. Ideal gujju mom’s phone book’s last page has – Kachrawado, ajanta hotel (sunday saat vagya laginej order le 6e), Chagan chikki, dipikaben nu tiffin, gas book maate, kaaki ni kaamvaari, Patel gadlawado, Madhuben – mahila mandal, maro mobile number…

30. Towel = Tooval

31. Every gujju will introduce their spouse as aa mara Mr. 6, ne aa mari Mrs 6…

32. Mount Abu is our Switzerland.

33. Diu or Daman is our Goa

34. Boomer is not chewing gum, it is Chinggum.

35. A true gujju looks forward to eat thai, mexican, italian, chinese and undhiyu at the cousin’s wedding…

37. If u r a true gujju then your phone will have at least ten contacts ending in the word BHAI.

38. If u don’t like jalebi-fafda, u r not a true Gujju.

39. Being Punjabi means more chapati, less rice; being Mallu means less chapati, more rice. Being Gujju – just eat more yaar, shu farak pade 6.

40. Gujjus believe Narendra Modi is the solution for everything – from hair style to nation’s progress.

41. Vile Parle hoi k pachi New Jersey, everywhere it feels like home – Apduj 6

42. We will spend 1000 rupees for a 10 rupees free gifts, free ma male, etle maja aavi jai

43. We eat home made theplas with chhundo and athanu in business class flight.

44. We can do Garba on any song in the world.

45. After having chaat, bhelpuri, sevpuri, we make sure we ask for extra puri, “kaka kori aapjo ne

46. Order soup 1/2, u get more quantity – be smart.

47. Bombay+Gujarat+London+ America = whole world. Nothing else exists for us

48. Everyone is invited to a Gujju home for lunch, and fed like u have come from the groom’s side.

49. If all of a sudden u hear a dhoom machale ringtone or a loud scream or a loud chit chat amongst a group, immediately assume that you are amidst Gujjus.

50. “Hindi humko jara bi nahi faata hai” 😛

51. 15 or 50, your parents will always refer to u as their baby or babo.

52. Gujjus don’t know what chocolate is, they only know CATBURY.

53. If u dnt watch tarak mehta ka oolta chashmah u r nt a gujju yaar.

54. Ultimate Gujju gift – a ‘cover’ (envelope) with 500+1 in it.

55. We take constitution very seriously, everybody is called bhai and ben.

56. If you do not go for Navratri, you dont exist.

57. Mango is not our national fruit only kesar and haphus is.

58. Don’t be disheartened if u don’t make it to a top B-school, if u are a Gujju, then business is in your blood.

59. We all own Reliance… (No further comments or explanations needed!)

60. U find something good n say “BAHU FINE 6!”

61. ‘Pope’ Music mast hoy 6.

62. We can talk about share markets, anywhere, anytime, no problem.

63. U expect a discount at the Dollar Store if u r a Gujju.

64. U consider spongebob as dhokla, if u r a Gujju.

65. Dandiya is our Prom.

66. Packing according to a 5 night 6 day holiday when going for a one day picnic.

67. Time spent at a party – Dancing (10 minutes), Chitchat (10 minutes), Dinner (100 minutes).

68. ‘Sanedo’ & “Bhai Bhai” is our Dance Anthem, if you are not on the dance floor when it plays, you are not a Gujju.

69. You are a ‘pakka’ gujju if you have gossiped about someone for hours and then said, “javade aapde shu”

70. A Gujju may feel tired after 10 mins of Walking, But the same Gujju is still energetic after 5 hours of Non Stop Garba !!

71. “Magaj ni kadhi” is our Dimaag ka dahi, P.S. kadhi is made from dahi, Taste Matters for Gujjus 😀

72. In gujarati, Ladies= Plural and Ladies= Singular, “Reception par koi Ladies Betha Che”.

73. For us Happiness is “KHAVA, PIVU and UNGHVU

74: Gujarati Fact: We don’t care about getting a Job, We Create Them.

75. What is This? Fafda ni Dish

76.They call it Gossip, we call it Vaato ni Vadio

77.EMINEM is sometimes misspelled as ENIMANE (Every gujju knows what it means, Enimaaaaane)

78. Twinkle twinkle little star is nothing compared to “Ek Biladi Jaadi, ene peri saadi

79. We don’t Fight, we just do BABAAL

80.They say “LMAO”, we say “Hasi Hasi ne Lotpot Thai gaya

81. They say Naked, We say “NAGO PUNGO

82. They say OMG, we say “MAA Fadi”

83. They say Bluffing , we say “Limbu pakdavyu or Nagai karvi

84. Normal Girls do Lipstick, while Gujju girls do lipiiistick or laali.

85. Even we enjoy Tomatina festival by playing “Tametu re Tametu, ghee god khatutu” in childhood 😛

86.BPL always meant Baap Na paise Leher

87. You are getting on my nerves, in gujju it is “Tara Natak Aaj Kal vadhi gaya che

88. English: DAFUQ, Gujarati: DAFOD

89.English: BYE, Gujarati : AAVJE

90: English ma Shirt, Gujarati ma Bushat.

91. Jaaaaaane could be fitted anywhere in gujju sentences for girls, “jaaaane nai to maaris”, ” jaaaaane juttha”, etc

92. How to identify a gujarati? He/She will always say Thank you HO.

93. Gujjus to their NRI friends, “India Ave tyare ek Iphone leto aavje”.

94.We are always BRO- ZONED Because we are BHAI-BANDHS

95. Mama Nu ghar ketle??? Dvo Bade etle

96. We are confused that do we have “pet”(Stomach ) or “pataro”. Taru Pet che k pataro??

97. In Exams aapdu ”Magaj Dofrai Jaay”

98. They got Bae, we got “Baenpani

99.Ubitiquos -esh names for guys like kalpesh, dharmesh, rupesh, urmesh, etc.


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