11 things Every Gujju Living in Mumbai Can Relate With


This post is dedicated to all the Gujjus living in Mumbai!

1.”Glorified jalebi fafda”
-Every locality does posses its farsan house which is of course “Gujarat nu prakhyaat”
gujju mumbai fafda
2. Amazing ‘Gujju qouta’
-College life is great but being a Gujju is what makes it awesome! Being a minority getting into elite colleges like NM & Mithibai is just a cake walk.
3. The ‘SoBo’ Gujju
You know its a SoBo gujju when you sense Maya Sarabhai behaviour around… Townies are known for adding their touch to everything.
4. Falguni aka ‘Navratri’.
Every Gujju in Mumbai has heard and said
“Bhai, Falguni na pass no jugaad karney”. It doesn’t stop there…bragging about it is the ultimate swag!
5. The traders arena
You know the in and out of the Bombay stock exchange sole reason being one of your relative is definitely into ‘Sher Bajaar’.
stock market gujju
6. Antilla
Of course happiness is being filthy rich but saying “aa Jo aapda mukla nu ghar” while passing antilla is a feeling beyond expression…Accept it or deny it… Every gujju in Mumbai has done it!
antilla Mukesh ambani house gujju
7. ‘Bambaiyaa Gujrati’
“DhamPachada nai karney ka”
“Haa haa muje sab faavta he”
and many more..Don’t be surprised if you hear it! Or talk like that mistakenly
dhampachada gujju dialogue
8. Our Hilarious ‘Marathi’.
Every gujju in Mumbai has made an attempt to talk in Marathi and the output is always hilarious!
Going beyond ‘tumchya‘ ‘tumhala‘ and ‘Jai Maharashtra😝 is an achivement
9. Gujaratis from Gujarat
Hein su” is a repetation while we encounter Gujaratis from Gujarat…. No offences but we find their Gujarati to be too much Gujarati😎
10. Goodie Gujarat
Being a Gujju in mumbai is like having the best of both worlds! Relatives from the long lost home town bring along ‘khushboo gujarati ki”.

gujju smell

11.Mumbai according to a Gujju MaKaBo,

Aka malad , kandivali,borivali – the golden nest for gujjus “aapda kaaka bapa nuj” Vile Parle, Santa Cruz – the area with sudhrela Gujarati Anybody beyond bandra : chagla aney vaida Gujarati.


Mighty and bold as the Maratha’s Intellectual and witty as the business men is indeed A combination for sustaianable success

“Dil se Mumbaikar, Dimaag Se Gujarati”

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