24 Games Every Gujarati born in 90’s Can Relate With


You  thought Candy Crush, Temple Run, CLash of Clash or Counterstrike or Dota is the real game?? Certainly Not, Ask kids born in 90’s, they will definitely tell what the real game was all about.

Check out those remarkable games we used to play, Also find out if you still remember them!

  1. Satoliyu

Make Two teams – Prime Target, “Break the 7 pile of stones”.

1 satoliyu gujju games

  1. Tametu re Tametu

Tametu re Tametu, Ghee God khatu tu, Nadi a Nahva Jata tu…

2 tametu gujarati game

  1. Langdi

And Nowadays, you think of doing Squats?

3 langdi game gujju

  1. Dod Pakkad

We used to run for our life !

4 pakkad daav gujarati game

  1. Thappo (Santa Kukdi)

The hardest part was, when hiding with friends and controlling giggles! :

5 santa kukdi thappo gujarati game

  1. Nadi Ke Parvat

We used to love teasing while on the safe zone!

6 nadi k parvat gujju childhood game

  1. Kho Kho

It was a tough thing to do!

7 kho kho gujju childhood game

  1. Thikri 

Girls Favorite!

8 thikri gujju childhood game

  1. Catch Catch

When we didn’t had any bat to play cricket!

9 catch catch gujju game

  1. Maal Dadi

When we are tired of playing Catch Catch 😛

10 maal dadi gujju game

  1. Andhadi Khiskoli

Everyone’s Favorite!

11 aandhadi khiskoli gujarat game childhood

  1. Cycle Tyre

This was our Racing machine !

12 cycle tyre playing gujarat kids

  1. Color Color

This is how we learnt about colours!

13 colour colour gujju

  1. Bhamardo

Our style of Inception!

14 bhamardo gujju game childhood

  1. Saap Sidi, Ludo & Monopoly

Indoor games during Summer Holidays!

15 saap sidi the gujju game

  1. Chor Police

Form Two teams and Catch the Culprit! We made sure to pick a strong partner!

16 chor police

  1. Statue

Whenever we meet our classmates in Recess!

17 statue

  1. Lakhoti

Winning & Collecting is our Motto!

18 lakhoti

  1. Gilli Danda

Our Style of Cricket!

19 gilli danda gujju game

  1. Patta / Paana (Card Games). It included: Uno, Dhagla Baaji, Do teen Paanch, Kaachu Fool, Teen patti, Saat Aanth & Mindi Coat

Adults also used to join us. And Cheating was so much fun!

20 playing cards gujju patta

  1. Chakli ude

Adorable Game!

21 chakli ude gujarati game

  1. Kabaddi

For the Tough ones!

22 kabaddi

  1. Opingo Bethingo

Make sure you remember it constantly while you sit or stand! Else get ready for the pain

23 opingo bethingo

  1. Jolly

our style of getting free Chocolates ! 🙂

24 jolly gujju game

Those were really the best days of our life!

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