22 Things that Would’ve Gone Totally Wrong if Harry Potter was Gujarati


22 Things that would have gone totally wrong if Harry Potter were Gujarati  !

Check out these funny points for Harry Potter and Cast:

1. Harry Potters name would be “Harish Patel”


2. “Narendra Damodar Modi”  would replace Dumbledore !

modi dumbledore

3. If So, then Amit Shah would be Hagrid !

amit shah hagrid

4. Madame Maxine would be replaced by “Anandiben” !

anandiben gujju

5. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry would be: “Harilal ane K.Lal Meli Vidhya ane Jadugari Shala” !

6. Hogwarts Express would leave from Kalupur Station in Ahmedabad !

7. Harry while leaving from station becomes friend with Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger .   In Gujju, Ronald would be Ramnik Desai and Hermione would be Hansaba Gohil.

8. Sport Quidditch would be a “Dandiya Raas Competition”. And it would have various Awards like: Best Dress award, Best Style award, Best Group, Best Individual Girl / Boy.

9. Every student would be expected to know the Morning School Prayer song: “Om Tatsat Shri Narayan Tu”,  “Ya Kundedu Tu Tushar”, & “O Eshwar Bhajiye Tane”.

Couple performing dandiya

10. Hermione would obviously be the class topper, and her Garba skills would be the talk of the town.

11. The Malfoy family’s enslaved house elf, “Dobby” would definitely be a stupid Girl. That’s where the Name came from.

gujju harry potter dobi

12. The First Magic trick everyone would insist to learn would be making Delicious Gujarati Recipes.

gujju harry ringan

13. The houses would be named Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Sarabhai & Dhirubhai.

14. Afternoon classes would be cancelled because every student would have to take a mandatory afternoon nap. (Daal Bhat khai ne Sui Javanu)

15. Seth Voldemort would still be the greatest dark wizard, although he was one of Professor Damodar’s brightest students.

16. The first floor girls’ bathroom would be inhabited by a wailing ghost known as “Payal”

17. During breaks, all the students would just go to the street Laari and look for some aamli, Kothu, Bor,

18. MagicWand sticks would be used to Play Dandiya !

gujju harry potter snape

19. Harry would use his broom to earn some bucks while going to school. (Gujju Entrepreneur) 😛

kadi kalol harry on broom

20. A Surti student would always fail in Magic test because the spell may contain extra words! 😛


21. A Gujju Doper Boy in every 30 minutes.

kathiyawadi magic

22. Daily Prophet would be replaced by “Gujarat Samachar”

harry potter gujju newspaper

Thanks Lord, it didn’t happen In Gujarat or it would’ve been a complete Masterpiece! 😀

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