10 things every NRI Gujarati goes through in Gujarat


10 things every NRI Gujarati goes through while in Gujarat !

1. Jugaad! ‘Anya toh aavuj chale…’

Yup! Like Russell Peters has mentioned that in India, people create their own new lanes! Honk away lads 🐄📢

Whether it is about breaking the traffic light rules, or peeing on the road, or spitting on the walls, or laundas staring at them gals till their eyeballs bulge out! When asked why as such? The answer is mostly ‘anya toh aavuj chale!’

1 Nri Gujarati

2. Feed to the fullest!

Te toh kasu khadhuj nathi…
Because 5 puris are considered just as an appetizer! (You haven’t even tasted the best halwai’s best halwa yet! And then the Calcutta pan…) Aum nom nom nom

2 nri gujarati


3. Desi Gyan

‘Gujarati bolta/lakhta/vanchta avde che?’
Though they want partners with blue or red passports, they will make those poor chaps read a sentence or word that’s written in Gujarati! And God forbid they mis- read it, ‘aliya gonda… Evu na bolai la….’ Followed by the famous acronym, LOL!

3 nri gujarati

4. Accent pleasee!

Can you say this sentence in Gujarati for us? (Pleaj…Requesht…Mention not ~ wad up Daya ben reference lol)

They are so fascinated about hearing these accents that they wanna hear every word out of them and repeat it! (Daim Daniel!)
PS- my all time favorite is the British ones ( This cup of tea is blinding, mate!) Live Long the Queen

4 nri gujarati


5. Wedding Bells.

Kaka to boy- ‘Tari mate be tron chokri goti che keto hoi toh biodata send karu?’

Kaki to gal- ‘BF che? 25 varash ni thai have toh high-time che beta! Kalej taro biodata mara email ma mukal je mane!’ FB ma che tu? Mein gaikalej selfie varo snap upload kairo che jojene’

Yes my gentleman and my gentle ladies. You may want to deny it but you know you have gone through it once by either kakas,kakis,baas,dadas et el…
(Dil Mein Baji Shaadi ki Ghantiya eh Tan Tan Tan )

5 nri gujarati

6. NBA there = Cricket here?

‘ Cricket etle khabar su?’

Caz cricket is a game only played in India and England so the folks out there are absolute unaware of this game. Ehh NO!

These people are the encyclopedia of sports!They will make sure that these poor
fellas do understand the game well and who Sachin Tendulkar is! (( I mean Who.Doesn’t.Know.THE.God.Of.Cricket.)) Like they say, sometimes you just have to play the role of a fool to fool the fool! 🙈🙉🙊

P.S : Dhoni et Kohli are the new names, that should be learnt as well!
P.P.S: Sachin: A Billion Dreams, A biopic movie on SRT is coming out soon! #YAY

6 nri gujarati

7. Christmas there= Diwali here?

One of my friend was asked it they celebrated Christmas instead of Diwali! Hehhh?! Yes they go to Ayodhiya and get e-spesial diyas for Christmas

7 nri gujarati


8. Free/Cheaper Gadgets!

Am sure every person coming from abroad must’ve gone through a long Q&As on if the iPhones,TVs et el are cheaper than the ones they find in India and how much shipping would cost them!

8 nri gujarati

9. Power of Angerji Knowledge.

They brag about their exceptional gyan on the Titanic wala banda or Ashwariya look-a-like Angelina joli and how they have watched, re-watched and ALSO downloaded Blu-ray version of the epic show Friends! 🙏

(Joey Does Not Share Foooooud)

9 nri gujarati

10. Pickle please!

‘Can you please take these few bottles of mixed pickle with you and pass it to my relatives in New Jersey? I would parcel it my self but since you are going there, then you might as well take them with you!!’

That is not a request…no sir, that is a ‘polite’ order to all the NRIs traveling back. Hope your Polo and Boss Attires are pickle Proofed!

10 nri gujarati

And That’s all Folks.
Live.Love.Laugh ever harder

Authors Note: This blog is written to bring laughter and is not meant to offend any being!

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