16 Reasons to Date a Gujju Guy


Whenever you hear the words ‘ Gujju Guy’ the first picture that flashes in your mind is of some healthy man with rings in most of the fingers holding an expensive phone, but are all Gujaratis really loud?

And Is it really tough for a decent non-gujarati girl to date a gujju guy? NO. Let’s look at the top reasons out of a million to date a gujju guy

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1) The ‘F’ word!

Do not get on the thought train yet. The ‘F’ word here is ‘foodie’. It may sound like one of the many stereotypes relating to Gujjus but trust me from the smallest street stall to the grandest hotels a gujju guy will always know what to eat and of course what you as a date will love to eat!

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 2) Accounts Nazi.

They might not be class toppers but when it comes to smart investments gujju guys are ought to win hands down! Because the fundamental rule ‘ Paach na pachhis karvana’ is deep rooted within them.

3) Splurgers!

Hearing let’s go shopping from their partner is always on a woman’s perfect guy checklist! Here are your wishes granted lovely ladies! Gujju guys enjoy splurging in every manner.

 4) Simplified needs.

Mr.Fancy about everything. Is what is the mythical image of a gujju guy. A simple meal accompanied by CHAAS will also suffice for hearing praises from him.

 5) Contacts.

Name it and they have it! And if not they will always have Jugaad to get the work done!

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 6) Avid travelers.

Being bound to one place post marriage is your worry? Well it is taken care of when you are dating a gujju guy. He will always have a list ready relating to his wanderlust. Pack your bags honey!

7) Theory to everything.

A person to whom you can talk to for hours and at the same time joke around. They will always have something or the other to talk about to you so getting bored is quite a luxury.

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8) Size of their hearts > Size of their homes

They are all accommodating. Even Farthest of your relatives can have a merry time with them. The ability to make someone feel home is what they have a mastery in.

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9) World wide relatives.

Gujjus barely believe in the concept of immediate family. Extended family is FAMILY. So if you are dating a gujju guy be ready to receive goodies from various countries time to time.

10) Lavish Sundays.

A day off in the week is what everyone looks forward to. So don’t waste time finding excuses to rest on Sundays a gujju guy will always have the Sunday outing planned!

11) Super confident.

‘Vat’ as they merrily call it is always of help when the situations turn either way. Be rest assured a gujju guy will never get panic attack under crisis in fact they will tackle it better than B – school grads!

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12) Ambiverts.

Loud mouthed, inattentive, etc. used to be associated with gujjus. Gone are those times. Gujju guys are sensitive enough to react as per needs and isn’t that what is most needed?

 13) Their secret weapon.

No it isn’t their contacts or bank balance. Anybody trying to be smart with them all they do is put on the sarcasm hat! Nobody can beat them at it.

14) Enthusiasm to die for!

They will barely disagree to a plan because they don’t ‘feel’ like it. Dating gujju guys is like dating a body full of unstable atoms. The good part here is plans are always on, bags are always packed and minds are always happy!

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15) Trustworthy.

Not being biased but how do you expect a gujju guy to have an extra marital when he refers to all women as ‘Ben’ and all women in turn refer to him as ‘Bhai’

16) Haaley, Haaley havey!

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Gujju guys are super adaptive and embrace change totally. So however badly u mess up expect the forgiving hug at the end. Yes they are full of ‘ Aawww’ moments.

Lastly their passion for navratri is contagious. Even if you don’t know how to play garba you will enjoy watching him make his moves in the most flamboyant manner. Eventually you will surely turn into a pro garba dancer.

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