13 Reasons why dating an Amdavadi Girl is Just Plain awesome!


Ahmedabad is a one of the most lively and charming cities across the nation. In the similar manner, its charm comes from none other than the lovely ladies of Ahmedabad. Here are few qualities that set them ahead of others and make them the best.

Following are the 13 Adorable Reasons to date Ahmedabadi Girl,

1 Bindass – She carries a Bold and Bindass attitude.

Not to mention, they’re super sassy and don’t care what other people think. She is fulltu Bindass. You must have seen a lot of posters of a free spirited gal on the internet nowadays, she is it.

Ahmedabad gujju girl 12

2  Nobody EVER FOR ANY REASON messes with them.

They don’t need swords or bullets to fight. They can beat anyone with their sarcasm and you will love them too, for their witty answers to anyone who tries to be over smart or a bully!

They’re not afraid to stand up for themselves, and embrace being a woman.

Ahmedabad gujju girl 8

3  Down to Earth

She is humble and down to earth. She knows her positives as well as her negatives. She does not like to show off. She does not like drama and would not want to be a part of it either.

Ahmedabad gujju girl

4  Fashionista

Ahmedabad, being the Fashion Capital of Gujarat, they can gracefully carry Chaniya Choli, Garba all day & night and come to Eat Chocolate Sandwich at Manek Chowk.

Though they are not flashy as Mumbaikars or Delhites, they have their own unique style. Whether it is casual, chic or party dress, they know how to kill with looks! Plus, they can carry anything from Saree to shorts; and that lovely LBD very well. She would always be the star in the parties. Be it a pyjama party!

Ahmedabad gujju girl 3

5 They mind their own business

They have a life of their own and will not poke into your personal businesses, ever. So relax, your Ahmedabad girl will hardly care about how you spend your days or how you behave with your friends. She will be your girlfriend and not a detective!

Also, they are the least insecure girls of all. With an Ahmedabad girl, you will never have to be scared of drama if you chat with your female friend at night (Well, sometimes!) or hangout with a female best friend you are closely attached to.

Ahmedabad gujju girl 13

6  They are original & perfect combination of smart and gorgeous.

An Amdavadi girl is fearless and is not apologetic for who she is. She may skip a bath during a busy day or may sleep till noon during holidays, but she will never fake around saying she is perfect.

Not only she is beautiful and good looking but she is smart, who is free-spirited, carefree and full of enthusiasm. She can’t be fake for sure!

Ahmedabad gujju girl 6

7  They can actually deal with the most DAFUQ weather and Traffic in Ahmedabad.

So, dealing with little problems in relationships won’t be complicated for any Ahmedabadi girl !

8  Party animals

They work hard and party harder, and their life motto is to make it large! That too “WITHOUT ALCOHOL” !

Ahmedabad gujju girl 7

9  She’ll be your life long lady finance minister.

So you’ll be dating a girl who belongs to “Ahmedabad city”, do I need to say anything more?

She understands how to manage finance, but still live a content life. Even in the fast phased life, how to manage your finance is what Ahmedabad girls can teach you.

Also, dating An Amdavadi girl means she will take you to the most affordable, yet stylish and lively places in town. So every time you go out, you will find more left in your pocket than expected.

Ahmedabad gujju girl 9

10  She’ll be your best guide to explore Ahmedabad’s best places/restaurant!

Girls out here are the “know – it – all” type when it comes to food. Want to know where you will get the best Pizza or other best Amdavadi cuisines? Then Ahmedabad girls are the best guide for you. Ask her for a dinner or lunch, she will be ever ready and would take you to the best eatery. Wouldn’t that be wonderful to be date a girl who is the combination of true Amdavadi and foodie?

How to match quality with one’s budget is one thing that Amdavadi girls will teach you.

Oh yes, they love food. You would never hear her saying the she can’t go somewhere because they use a lot of cheese. She wants to try everything, Be it Pani-Puri or Pizza or Dabeli.

Ahmedabad gujju girl 5

They have the appetites of champions, if you take her to eat at following places:

Jassuben na pizza, Paresh na ghughra, Masala bun at IIM, Maggi at HL, Kaka na vadapav at Ankur crossroads, Anand’s cheeseroll, Gwalior dosa at Manekchowk, Gathiya at Iskon, Egg bhurji at Taj (Raipur), Masala dosa at mansi circle, Municipal market, Naroda na famous Khodiyaar bhajiyawala, shakti ni sandwich at law garden, Jay bhavani ki CTC, Vada pav at Vijay cross road, Sardar patel colony na maharaj na samosa , Ambika daalvada ,adalaj, chocolate sandwich manekchawk , All Egg’s item at Gafurbhai (gomtipur), Raipur na bhajiya, Cept khaugali, Maggi Bhaiya at highway, Chole kulcha at C G Road, Patang hotel nu dinner, , Khau Gali at CEPT University and all things at Vastrapur!

The list goes on and on……..

Ahmedabad gujju girl 4

Sometimes they stay true to their hometown cooking

11  Dates are never boring with a girl from New City

She is always in for some adventure. You would never get bored with her. There is no dull moment with this Amdavadi Lass! She is always up to Hang out at IIM Road, Vastrapur, S.G Highway or C. G. Road, even during boiling hot summers or devastatingly cold winters.

Also, you would never have to worry about your weekend plans as your girl would have already made one. Ahmedabadi girls love to hangout. They aren’t the typical “home – loving” creatures. Ask them for short trips, movies, and visit to the malls or even a simple pizza dinner – they’re always up for it. I guess that’s what makes them simply fun to be with.

12  Sorted

She is all sorted and figured out. Yes, she is out going and chilled out but pay attention here guys , she is a gal with a plan. She exactly knows what she is doing and where she is heading in life.

Ahmedabad gujju girl 11

13 Love being in love

Amdavadi Girl value the simpler things in life yet appreciates the finer things. And loving an Amdavadi girl will make you love life! Just Stand next to her at Sabarmati River front and feel the cool breeze.

One of the most important things that all you guys out there NEED to know is that most girls, if not all, are romantic. They absolutely enjoy being in love and give their 100% to their partners. Their guys will NEVER suffer a “love deficiency syndrome” if they are lucky to date a girl from Ahmedabad.

No matter where they go, Ahmedabad will always hold a special place in their hearts.

Ahmedabad forever.

Amdavadi Born and Amdavadi Bred !

At the end of everything, check out this amazing video from the upcoming movie – “KADAK BADSHAHI” Song – Mijaj Amdavadi !

Now that I have spill the beans , why don’t you utilize your newly gained knowledge and find any Amdavadi Girl ASAP!


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