Things That Would’ve Gone Very Differently If “FRIENDS” Had Taken Place In Gujarat


Things That Would’ve Gone Very Differently If “FRIENDS” Had Taken Place In Gujarat.

If you are one of the souls who is totally drenched in FRIENDS. Here is a list that will make you love it even more !


1) Monica teaches cooking to tarla dalal.

1 monica gujju cooking
2) The routine . Ooops sorry, The garba routine.

2 friends gujju garba
3) Chandler sets up his “Sarcasm and co.” Bijness.

3 gujju chandler business
4) Susan and carol wouldn’t get married because ‘ loko su keh sey’

4 susan and carol marry gujju
5) Ross gets his double tan by just stepping out between 1pm-1:15 pm

5 ross tan gujju friends
6) Monica Is an active BJP’ite because Modi is so’SWACH’

6 monica clean gujju friends
7) Pheobe has a lavish childhood because she is a minority!

7 pheobe friends gujju
8) Rachel doesn’t run out on Barry because ‘ Dikri ne gaaye, dorey tya jaaye’

8 racheal gujju friends
9) Pheobe and Ursula replace Preity-Pinky
10) Joey gets his big break from Etv. Gujrati

10 joey friends gujju
11) Ross and Rachel cant have their ‘drunk wedding’. Duh its Gujarat.
12) Joey joins Baapa no dhandho instead of acting.
13) Ross has a destination wedding in ‘DIU’
14) Pheobe’s ‘Gandhati Biladi’ wins a national award.

14 phoebe friends gujju smelly cat
15) Pheobe returns the award. Apparently someone called her biladi ‘Jaadi’
16) Rachel makes half a ‘Undhiyu’ and half a ‘SevTameta’

17) Monica’s mom tricks her into getting married when she is 23 because of her round rotis
18) Joey doesn’t say, ‘How you doin?”. Hardik patel orderd so
19) Rachel goes to ‘Bharti ben na cooking classes’

18 racheal cooking gujju
20) Gunther is finally cast as ‘Nares’ in chello divas

20 gunther friends gujju chello divas

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