Things only a true blue Amdavadi can relate with !


Things only a true blue Amdavadi can relate with !

1. You’ve seen a rickshaw wala use his foot to signal a turn.

2. You have asked a rickshaw wala to enter the wrong lane to avoid a U-turn.

3. You have gone to the GMDC ground to learn driving.

4. You’ve entered the BRTS corridor to avoid traffic jams.

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5. You have watched a movie at Drive-In Cinema.

places to visit in ahmedabad - drive in cinema ahmedabad

6. For you, tea means “chaa ane maska bun” near VS Hospital & IIM Road.

places to visit in ahmedabad - maska bun iim road VS hospital ahmedabad

7. You have witnessed the Ahmedabad skyline from Kankaria balloon.

8. You have made life decisions sitting at Danny’s coffee bar.

places to visit in ahmedabad - dannys coffee bar

9. Your go to place for vada pav is Jay Bhavani or Vijay X Roads.

10. Your sentences usually start with “Baka”, “Bey yaar”, or “Alya/Ali”.

11. Fashion Street for you means shopping at Nehrunagar or University.


12. You’ve always wondered why hawkers sell chaniya choli throughout the year at Law Garden.


14. You have been caught by traffic cops at IIM X Roads for violating traffic rules.


15. When you hear “Indore,” it’s not the city but “Indore Samosa House” that comes to your mind.

16. You buy your phone accessories from Mangalmurti or Janpath.

17. Protecting your face with a dupatta/handkerchief, not a helmet, while riding a two-wheeler in the summer.

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18. You have tasted the CoCo near HL College.


19. It’s always “Khaata ma lakhi dejo”, because you never carry cash if the shopkeeper knows you.

You also have accounts at a paan shop, a grocery store and a medical shop near your house.


20. You’ve wondered why the traffic signals are always blinking “yellow”.

21. You have seen citizens turn into volunteers to clear the traffic jams during peak hours.

22. You have gulped gathiya/fafda at Gathiya Rath even under the scorching sun.


23. Garmi vadhe etle Jaldhara Water Park toh javanuj, bas!

24. You have tasted the maska bun at Lucky Bakery.

25. You have made rounds of the airport with friends just to ‘chill’.

Places to visit in ahmedabad - BRTS

26. You’ve made Sunday plans with friends but mom’s taken you to D Mart.

27. You have visited the Scary House at the Himalaya Mall.

28. You have visited Inox theatre at the Science City at least once.

29. You study in Navkar/Arihant institute.

30. For you, dance parties are incomplete without “Sanedo” and “Bhai-Bhai”.

31. You don’t know all the lyrics of “Sanedo” but you jump and throw stuff in the air while dancing to it.

32. You’ve danced to garba tunes at GMDC ground during Navratri because passes at all the party plots were sold out.

33. Spent all night on the SG Highway during Navratri.


34. You have missed your office/college the next day because you couldn’t wake up early.

35. You have visited the patang bazaar at Raipur Darwaza the night before Uttarayan.


36. You have made excuses and skipped office on 14 -15 January if it wasn’t a leave.

37. You invite friends to your terrace during Uttarayan but never leave your own terrace.


38. You’re fond of the “jail na bhajiya” made by the Sabarmati jail prisoners.

places to visit in ahmedabad - jail na bhajiya sabarmati ahmedabad

39. You know someone who pronounces Maggi as ‘megi’.

40. You know someone who pronounces party as “palty”.

41. All your social media accounts have had atleast one profile pictures of you at the Sabarmati Riverfront.

1 places to visit in ahmedabad

42. No matter which college you study in, you have been to the campus of New LJ College.

43. Your trip to SG Highway is incomplete without having Dalbati at Shivshakti Dhaba.

44. You watch “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah” alongside your whole family.

45. When it rains, you’ve gone out to eat garma-garam dal wada.

46. You have celebrated a friend’s birthday at Manek Chowk & you order the same Gwalia Dosa at Manek Chowk.


47. You have been chased to death by a dog while riding a two-wheeler at night.

48. You have been chased by cops at Prahladnagar and SG Highway.

49. You have bragged about being from the same city as Narendra Modi.

50. You become a Spartan when someone says a word against NaMo.

51. You entered the Himalaya Mall before 10 a.m. by lying to the guard saying, “Big Cinemas ma javu che.”

52. You call your male friends ‘latthao’.

53. You replace “chu**ya” with “lakhota” to sound decent.

54. For you, radio etle RJ Dhwanit, RJ Devki, RJ Megha & RJ Aditi.

55. When you’re travelling, you’ve had one bag full of food in your luggage.

56. You once bought a book from Gandhi Bridge !


57. You enjoy Maggi at CEPT Bhukkad Gali


58. Your early morning visits to Thol Lake


59. You wish Gujarat was not a dry state.

60. You wish that Ahmedabad had more discotheques and clubs.

61. But you’ve told people that you can’t live in any other city after living in Ahmedabad.



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