10 reasons why Gujjus Rock !


Gujaratis, Gujjus, call us what you will – Amdavadis, Surtis, Kutchis, Kathiawadis – we are rather a wonderful lot. People who have stayed in Gujarat are reluctant to move elsewhere (and that is in spite of the prohibition, people!) because things work in Gujarat.  Public amenities, power supply, good roads, low crime rates, the safety of women and a whole lot besides is typically superior to most other places in India. Even if you disregard the generally superior quality of life in Gujarat, there are several other reasons why Gujjus Rock!

1.     We Don’t Do The Bhangra

gujjus rock garba

Oh No! We do the garba and the raas – so creatively and so gracefully that you wonder why you were flinging your arms and legs about like a… like a… Punjabi in the first place! If you can do the Bhangra on any song, we can do the dandiya on any; so there!


2.     You’ll Find Us Everywhere


You can visit parts of Leicester in England that sound look and feel more like Panjrapole than Putney and parts of New Jersey which sound, look and feel more like Apnu Amdavad than America. You can go to Switzerland and you will find a board in Guajarati script that reads શુદ્ધ શાકાહારી થાળી મળશે (pure veg thali available here)


3.     The Gujju Salesman Can Sell Ice to the Icelanders



Visit Dhalgarwad  in Ahmedabad and you’ll be sure to hear these words: જુવો  ને! જોવાના ક્યાં પૈસા છે! (at least take a look; there’s no charge for looking…). You wanted to buy one item and that friendly, persuasive, glib tongued salesman in that cramped little shop sold you a dozen!

4.     We Have The BEST Snacks – Bar None!


Seriously this is true, peeps. The handvo, thepla, khakhra, mathiya, ganthiya, farsi puri, masala puri…. The sheer variety of snacks is mind boggling!

5.     Our Guys Look like this


5.     Sorry I Meant Our GIRLS Look Like This


OK, I’ll just admit it – our guys are some of the nicest, most easygoing blokes around, but they are not usually Mr. Universe material. Unless they are Upen Patel, that is.


6.     Navratri


This is the most fun you’ll ever have – picking out a great new outfit for each of the 9 days, dancing under the stars until the wee hours each night, spending time with your best buds; Navratri is nine days of nonstop partying!

7.     Uttarayan kite Festival.15837807164_5bda0f1e8e_k

The soaring kites, the festive atmosphere, the yell of Kaipo chhe! from every rooftop in town, the undhiyu, the jalebi! Visit Gujarat in January and take away that truly unique and memorable experience that is Uttarayan!


8.     The Sensex Decodes Itself For The Gujju

Antilla gujju mukesh

Gujarati entrepreneurs, Gujarati business people… Gujjus in Dalal Street. Mukesh Ambani. Anil Ambani. Nuff Said!

9.     We Can Take A Joke


Gujjus like to eat, travel, enjoy themselves. We are inquisitive but unfailingly helpful. We are easygoing and friendly. Occasionally we can also laugh at ourselves.

10. One Of Us Is The PM Now…

gujjus rock


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